Once Again Trophy Season Starts Saturday April 19,2008

January 16th, 2008

Are you ready to Fish?
Well ready or not Saturday April 21, 2007 is coming. The weather has not cooperated at all. I had to take off a couple of days to complete all my boat maintenance. Last Saturday I did complete my boat. All I need to do is load my gear and launch the boat. This year I would like to troll 10 rods. I will take advantaged of planer boards. My boat has 4 rod holders (soon to be six) I have 6 rod holders on the engine cover (It is an I/O) so I will use these for the plainer board lines. I will take plenty of pictures so you will know if 10 rods works. The rockfish usually are in the first 25 feet of the water column so I want to target this first. Here is my setup. On each side of my planer boards I will have 2 daisy chain lures about 12 ounces total weight each. Each will have tandem rig parachutes with 9 inch shad bodies. The color will be either chartreuse or white (alternating of course) I will have one line back about 50 feet and another back about 70 feet. In my starboard rod holder I will run one of my umbrella rigs about 50 to 60 ft back. In my last starboard rod holder I will have my Mojo rig 36 oz weight (3 lbs) about 40 ft behind the boat. This should be my deepest lures. I also like to run a spoon with about 4 ???????? 6 oz of weight directly behind the boat about 100 -120 feet back. My port side will mirror my starboard side.

Here is the Tide Information for Thomas Point Light house this weekend looks like the moon will not move the low tide too much I would expect the fishing better in the AM.

Day High Tide Height Sunrise Moon Time % Moon
/Low Time Feet Sunset Visible

Sa 21 Low 1:24 AM 0.1 6:21 AM Set 12:17 AM 16
21 High 8:29 AM 1.5 7:48 PM Rise 9:13 AM
21 Low 3:49 PM 0.2
21 High 8:51 PM 0.9

Su 22 Low 2:24 AM 0.2 6:20 AM Set 1:17 AM 25
22 High 9:27 AM 1.5 7:49 PM Rise 10:18 AM
22 Low 4:45 PM 0.3
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Trophy Season Starts This Saturday

April 9th, 2007

Are you ready to Fish?

Well ready or not Saturday April 21, 2007 is coming. The weather has not cooperated at all. I had to take off a couple of days to complete all my boat maintenance. Last Saturday I did complete my boat. All I need to do is load my gear and launch the boat. This year I would like to troll 10 rods. I will take advantaged of planer boards. Read the rest of this entry »