Planer Boards

Planer boards are the key to trolling the 10 rod spread. Planer boards are constructed of 1/4 to 1/2 inch boards about 2 feet long. In the front they are cut on a angle so they move away from the boat while it is moving. I attach each of my Planer boards to 50 ft line. So I have a lure pattern of 108 ft. behind my boat. To the line that attaches the Planer boards to your boat you use Planer board releases. These consist of rubber bands attached to shower curtain holders. I used this method but I found Scotty????????s releases. They are expensive but they work flawlessly.

Here are some quick directions for using Planer boards.

1. Place your lure into the water and let out as much line as you desire.
2. Engage the drag an place the rod between your legs so you can reach the rod tip.
3. attach your Planer board release mechanism to the line and attach the shower curtain holder to your Planer board line.
4. Now release the drag and free spool your line. This should walk your Planer board release down the Planer board line.
5. If a fish hits it will release from the planer release. You need just rotate the other lines on the Planer board so the rod you just caught the fish is now the closest to the boat. Don’t worry about the release have enough on the boat for at least 2 times the amount of rods on the Planers.

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