Umbrella Rigs

I have been told by many people umbrella rigs are the holy grail to catching rockfish in the bay. Umbrella lures have 4 or 6 arms that extend from a small lead weight. On each of the arms you can attach “Teasers” that simulate a schools of bait fish. Attached to the umbrella rig is either 1 or 2 larger baits with your hooks. The whole lure is suppose to simulate small to medium fish chasing bait. The Idea is for the rockfish to attack the lure about 3 -5 feet behind the umbrella rig resulting in a caught fish. Here are some examples of Umbrella rigs below.

Standard 4 arm Umbrella rig with a 6 ounce parachute and a 9 inch shad

Standard 6 arm Umbrella rig with tandum 2 ounce parachutes and a 6 inch shads

Standard 4 arm Umbrella rig with tandum 6 and 4 ounce parachutes and a 9 inch shads

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