Fishing Gear

You can invest larges amounts of cash into this hobby so I want you to make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. It all starts with the boat.

I have a model year 2000 Trophy 2052 I purchased at a local boat repossession dealership for great deal. It came 90% ready for the water (I needed a battery, flares, and GPS). I was very lucky. I had the boat surveyed buy a professional and it passed all the tests.

I made some modifications last year.
1. added a second battery just in case.
2. Upgraded the Fish Finder (I am still not happy)
3. 12 volt power source
4. Sirius Radio with Antenna

This year I am looking a few more upgrades
1. New Fish finder (Color display with GPS built in)
2. New Bimini Top
3. 2 more flush mount rod holders

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