Trophy Season Starts This Saturday

Are you ready to Fish?

Well ready or not Saturday April 21, 2007 is coming. The weather has not cooperated at all. I had to take off a couple of days to complete all my boat maintenance. Last Saturday I did complete my boat. All I need to do is load my gear and launch the boat. This year I would like to troll 10 rods. I will take advantaged of planer boards. My boat has 4 rod holders (soon to be six) I have 6 rod holders on the engine cover (It is an I/O) so I will use these for the plainer board lines. I will take plenty of pictures so you will know if 10 rods works. The rockfish usually are in the first 25 feet of the water column so I want to target this first. Here is my setup. On each side of my planer boards I will have 2 daisy chain lures about 12 ounces total weight each. Each will have tandem rig parachutes with 9 inch shad bodies. The color will be either chartreuse or white (alternating of course) I will have one line back about 50 feet and another back about 70 feet. In my starboard rod holder I will run one of my umbrella rigs about 50 to 60 ft back. In my last starboard rod holder I will have my Mojo rig 36 oz weight (3 lbs) about 40 ft behind the boat. This should be my deepest lures. I also like to run a spoon with about 4 ???????? 6 oz of weight directly behind the boat about 100 -120 feet back. My port side will mirror my starboard side.

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Here is the Tide Information for Thomas Point Light house this weekend looks like the moon will not move the low tide too much I would expect the fishing better in the AM.

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Day High Tide Height Sunrise Moon Time % Moon
/Low Time Feet Sunset Visible

Sa 21 Low 1:24 AM 0.1 6:21 AM Set 12:17 AM 16
21 High 8:29 AM 1.5 7:48 PM Rise 9:13 AM
21 Low 3:49 PM 0.2
21 High 8:51 PM 0.9

Su 22 Low 2:24 AM 0.2 6:20 AM Set 1:17 AM 25
22 High 9:27 AM 1.5 7:49 PM Rise 10:18 AM
22 Low 4:45 PM 0.3
22 High 9:50 PM 0.9

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