Stinger Hooks Made Easy

One of the most difficult things to achieve is a well placed stinger hook in
a shad. Sometimes a stinger hook is called a trailer hook. Basically it is a
large hook that the eye fits over the singe hook of the bait. It is designed to
catch fish they just nip at the bait. Here is how to rig a stinger hook almost
perfectly every time.

1. Tools:
You will need
1. Stinger hook
2. Shad Body
3. Pen or Pencil
4. Screw Driver or Punch
5. The bait to attach the hook

2. I always like to test to make sure the eye of the trailer hook fits over the barb of the baits hook. I like for the hook to slide freely over the barb.


3. With your Pen line the bait up with the shad body and mark where the loop of the hook will exit the body of the shad


4. now take your stinger hook and place the eye close to the previous mark. You can mark this spot or I just use my finger to keep the spot. Place the screwdriver into the shad body at the second mark. Work the tool up inside the shad till you reach the first mark


5. Insert the stinger hook into the body of the shad until you see the eye over the mark.


6. Now start at to insert the bait into the head of the shad and carefully work the hook down hook”s shaft. You should be able to feel and hear the metal touch.


7. Straighten everything out. If you have done this correctly you should not see the eye of the stinger hook. This acts as a stopper so the stinger hook will not jump off the baits”s hook.

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