Out Again on Tuesday Opening Week

Still not fished out from Sunday. My friend Brian called Tuesday AM he has a spot open on his boat for an 11 AM fishing trip. I checked the weather and wind reports everything was perfect. So I jumped into my car and motored over. The boat ride out to the fishing grounds was perfect, flat as glass, I was a little cold because I elected to were shorts without my trusty sweat pants backup.

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We started trolling around Love point. Surprisingly, I counted at least 10 boats out with a few commercial charters on the water too. I thought this must be the spot.?? My friend???s boat can troll 6 rods all on planers boards.?? We trolled for about 2 hours without a bite not even a knockdown.?? Everybody wanted to try a new spot.?? We picked up the gear and headed south to Manapeake. Conditions south of the bridge were a little different. We had a 1 to 2 foot chop steady 15 knot wind. I set the trolling gear back in the water and waited for some action. Forty minutes pass and I hear the sound of the plainer clip releasing and drag peeling off the reel, We have one ???Tight???.

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This was??the only fish for the day no skunk on this boat.

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