Trophy Rockfishing Season opens for 2010

Once again the rock fishing opens. Unfortunately the high winds kept??my boat??off the bay on Saturday.?? The reports I received on Saturday had wave heights between 4 to 6 feet.??

Sunday’s wind report was better but I knew I was going to get beat up. ??I did fish Sunday with luck. My boat returned to port with two keepers.

I started fishing just south of the Bay Bridge around Manapeake . We trolled a 9 rod pattern with my outriggers set up instead of planer board because of the waves.?? Our farthest lure was a spoon directly behind the boat around 200 feet. Next were the long riggers around 150 feet both with tandem parachutes white?? or chartreuse. ??Next two ??were the closest ??rigger lines ??about 120 feet?? with?? umbrella rigs?? white and chartreuse.?? The next two were boat rods about 80 to 100 feet tandem ??lures?? white with a purple ??shad and a chartreuse. ??The two last boat rods were heavy mojo lures about 60 feet.

Our first fish hit the short rigger white umbrella?? rig around 10:30 am. Our position was between the moored ??freighters. The fish was about 33 inches.

The last fish hit a chartreuse tandem rig around Manapeake. It was also around the 33 inch mark.

Overall a great day on the bay ??if you take the wind and the waves away. The boat traffic was not a real problem too. Although the ride to port was another story very rough ??and almost unbearable at times.

Keep fishing!!!

Jim G

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