Charter out of Solomon’s Island

Solomon trip was a little rocky at first. The forecast was high winds with a small craft until midday. We left the dock around 6 am to meet??building bay chop. The waves built till around the forecasted 3 foot mark and our boat was pounded. Tim the captain wanted to run south but quickly changed his mind once the boat was launched a couple of times off the 3 foot crest.

We started fishing a 27 rod pattern with 150 foot planer boards on each side of the boat. I personally think this is overkill but Tim’s pattern catches fish and he is not changing it. We trolled around for a couple of hours with no bites till the wind started to subside and the bay began to lay down. I was 3 inline out of 6 person charter. I caught a 33 inch fish.

Here is the prize!! I was the last person to catch a fish on this day, so the total fish we caught was 3.

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