Floscan Data from the gauge

I have run my Proline about 4 times since installing the Floscan Gauge. Here is some data I have received.

My home port is North of the Fishing Grounds so every time I leave to fish I must head south.?? Heading south into the waves and sometimes wind I can adjust the boat for a 30 Knot cruise speed with a fuel consumption of 13 gallons per hour each motor. Time to the fishing grounds is around 40 minute boat cruise.

While trolling for fish I have only one motor running with a fuel consumption rate of 2 gallons per hour.

The ride to port is north with the waves and sometimes with the wind. I can cruise 27 ??? 29 knots with a fuel consumption rate of 10 -12 gallons per hour per engine. ??

Total Trip fuel consumed 48 gallons not too bad.

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