First Trip of the 2011 Season

Rockfishing??Season opened on April 16, 2011 to a very windy rainy day. I decided to keep my boat down in Solomons Island until May 15.?? My trip from my home port of Joppa to South of the Bay Bridge will take a little over 1 hour of time. At Solomons I can have lines in the water in as little as 20 minutes. Also the gas we would burn running 40 miles south is helps on the wallet also. unfortunately the following week was plagued by windy days and small craft advisories. I am not a fair weather fisherman but I do like to enjoy myself and not feel like I have just fought a 10 round fight.

Our first lines were in the water Saturday around 4 pm. I spoke to some of the locals in Solomons and most are fishing a little north near the Gas Docks. It was actually very calm for a “Small Craft Advisory” rolling 2 foot waves not too much of a problem. We finally boated a 32 rockfish around 7pm. Since this was the first fish of the year we released it. Hopefully luck will be on our side.

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