Adding Boat Radar Rocks.

Last year I purchased a Garmin 1204 xHD radar for my boat. It was a great addition and really looks good on my boat. I should have purchased a 24 HD dome. My major problem is the Trailer.?? I had to have a custom plate that folds 180 degrees so I do not take every low hanging powerline or tree.?? Second Problem is on the water bridge clearance. If I have any doubts I will fold the unit to avoid?? problems. I have brackets so It will not bounce once it is folded ready for transport.. Ed Miller of High Tech Marine in Middle river did the install. I am very happy with the install no problems or issues. The main reason I wanted an open array is to locate birds feeding on bait fish. It works really well out of the box. Garmin has several settings and we can pick up crab buoys on flat days without any adjustments. It is a great addition for night navigation or fog.


Here is my Boat docked in Ocean City Maryland.


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